DIY Pillowcase Bicycle Basket Liner!

I bought this pretty old sheet and pillowcase set a while ago on etsy. It’s so bright and happy. Practically made of sunshine. And it always reminded me of my bike. They’re both blue and yellow and a little old and faded. I’m planning on using the sheet to make a pretty summer dress!

Jack bought this lovely basket for me last year. While I love the sweet pink material, it’s getting a bit faded. I decided it was time for an upgrade! Perfect use for my pretty pillowcase!

Here’s what you need:

One pillowcase
A bicycle basket
A sewing machine
An overlocker if you have one

Begin by ripping your pillowcase apart, into one big piece of fabric. Place your basket on top of the fabric and trace around it onto the material. Of course, you could be a pro and use proper paper, but I’m a bit lazy. Cut your shape out. You won’t need to leave any extra fabric for seam allowance, as you traced around the outside of the basket, which is obviously a bit bigger than the inside. Next you will have to measure the sides of your basket. Begin by measuring around the top rim of your basket, from one side to the other. Mine was 55cm. Then measure the height of your basket. Mine was 25cm. Next, measure the bottom of your basket, from one side to the other. Mine was around 44cm. Add around 10cm to the height of your basket (mine becomes 35cm) and draw up the shape using your ruler. Leaving a few centimeters for seam allowance, cut out two of your side shapes.

You should have three shapes that look a bit like this:

You will then have to snip a wedge out of each the top hand corners of the side pieces. This is to allow room for your handles! Simply draw a straight line down, around 3cm from the top corner of your piece.

If you have an overlocker, serge down each side of your side pieces. Then, with the right sides facing each other, sew down the two edges. Do not sew the top parts where you snipped off the triangle.

Now you will have to pin your bottom piece to the bottom edges of your side pieces. Once they have been pinned in place, sew all along the edges. I went round with my overlocker as well.

Next, you should fold out the edges of the liner, in the top triangles where your basket handles will go. Press them down using your iron.

Now move on to the top of your liner. Fold the raw edge over once, leaving a very small amount of fabric. Then fold it over once more, leaving more room – approximately 2cm. Sew along the edge. This is where you will pop your drawstring!

You could use a pretty ribbon for the drawstring, but I chose to use the same fabric as the rest of the liner. Cut two pieces of fabric approximately 6cm by 80cm. Fold the right fabric in half, with the right sides facing each other. Sew down the edge, then turn the long strip out the right way. This is a little bit tricky and you will need a paintbrush or pencil to push it through.

Using a big safety pin, thread both of your strips through the tops of your liner. Pop the liner in your basket, tie it up at the sides, and you’re good to go!



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One Response to DIY Pillowcase Bicycle Basket Liner!

  1. can you please do a milk crate edition?

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